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What’s under the rock?

What's under the rock - by Tiffany Silver.  Photo credit, FlickrEver go exploring as a child and the mystery of what was under the surface intrigued you? You went around picking up rocks looking to see if there was a hidden treasure awaiting you like a bug or a hole.

We often forget to look down and more often we forget to look up. We have a full panoramic view available to us.  Are you looking around noticing what’s in front of you, beside you, above you and below you?  Our sight gives us the focus of our vision to arrive at our destination.

Notice what’s around you by observing the details.  Stop and really smell a rose.  Titillate  your senses with smell, sounds, visuals and touch.  We are kinesthetic beings.  See what noticing your environment makes you feel or remember or dream about.  Noticing what we like draws those experiences toward us.  What we appreciate appreciates!  Expand into that! Read the rest of this entry »

In Moments of Stillness

Tiffany Silver, Author Silver to Gold, http://tiffanysilverlove.comIn my moments of stillness when aloneness creeps in, the illusion of separation or the mind travels to the past — yearning to repeat or have what it once experienced.  This is what I do!  I give myself permission to explore what I’m feeling without a filter.  I journey thru the stories, the similarities of situations;  I allow myself to deeply steep in my emotions that are rising to the surface for my attention!  I get real with what I feel


And yes it can be uncomfortable and painful to see the patterns emerge, especially when it feels like a broken record replaying the same and we just can’t stop the music.  However one thing to remember:  The universe is new in every moment so even the similar ways we repeat the past are movements forward as we refine our awareness of what’s occurred!  We have a choice on how we want to perceive what it is we are experiencing.

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