In Moments of Stillness

Tiffany Silver, Author Silver to Gold, http://tiffanysilverlove.comIn my moments of stillness when aloneness creeps in, the illusion of separation or the mind travels to the past — yearning to repeat or have what it once experienced.  This is what I do!  I give myself permission to explore what I’m feeling without a filter.  I journey thru the stories, the similarities of situations;  I allow myself to deeply steep in my emotions that are rising to the surface for my attention!  I get real with what I feel


And yes it can be uncomfortable and painful to see the patterns emerge, especially when it feels like a broken record replaying the same and we just can’t stop the music.  However one thing to remember:  The universe is new in every moment so even the similar ways we repeat the past are movements forward as we refine our awareness of what’s occurred!  We have a choice on how we want to perceive what it is we are experiencing.

The sadness revealed is what’s being healed or transformed into a new point of attention!  Deal with what’s real no definitions no limitations just observations then the universe can bring you new renditions of the same or completely give you something new depending on how many times you must repeat the pattern in order to learn what self love means in order to remember what unconditional love is in action not theory!

We can take the moments we witness in life and focus on how good it feels in our bodies experiencing the love, safety, connection, and oneness.  Since we mold and direct the sculpture then we can maneuver how we like.  We are the masterpiece and we are in the art of remembering our individual mastery by being the authority of what we say and do in our reality!   We shape it or we shift it.

We can master with deliberation our next incantation or invocation!  Let’s call them affirmations!  I affirm that all that I experience benefits me and I open myself to feel what arises as an opportunity to clarify what I choose to be my focused reality!  When I am  fatigued I spend time visualizing dreaming, feeling into and seeing either moments I experienced that I loved and want to repeat, or create my own movie of a life that feels sweet!  The universe doesn’t know the difference between what is real or fake it just knows what you vibe in!  If you’re in love then you reverberate that in your energy and it becomes infectious!  If you can’t conjure it from within through your connection to the creator then source outside yourself for reminders.  Pets are wonderful ways to remember presence and love.

Or go out and watch life unfold people interacting playing enjoying! Redirect your attention by reframing and having a new expression.  It can be done in silence it can be done in a moving meditation.  Ultimately if you close your eyes you can go anywhere in your imagination.  I spend time and my focused energy on feeling the all-oneness as opposed to the aloneness after I’ve indulged my emotions (energy in motion)!   My (his/her story) while looking at my intention or as I saw recently from Ana savoy my (in-tension) I review, I take inventory, I feel,  I imbue light,  to transform and get current to my unconscious behaviors that peer through to illuminate a new reality.

Our minds are powerful but our hearts are the source of our force when we reside there by accepting what is and bringing love and compassion to all people all sides of the (his-story) by dissolving the filters of illusion that there is a right and wrong and by staying in the moment cognizant of the words we speak by relanguaging our life toward a universe of inclusion then we will be in the expanded state the united state of awakening into what we truly are:  Love embodied, in-lightened, awake, aware human be-comings being!  Being present right here right now to focus upon creating, visualizing, and allowing while observing what is and feeling into what can be… Living infinite possibilities, multiple realities, awakening your identity to LOVE- living openly vibrantly energetically.


Tiffany Silver.


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