Love Mastery Workshop

 Live in Love and On Purpose 24/7…with EASE!



Remove the Major Blocks Stopping you from
Living in Love and On Purpose 24/7


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Join Inge Bardor & Tiffany Silver for this 6-hour workshop where you’ll discover:


1.  How to effectively expand your heart and master your emotions to be centered in Love 24/7

2.  Align and connect your mind, heart and spirit with your higher purpose 24/7

3.  Create robust vibrant health through body alignment which supports being in love and on purpose 24/7


Inge Bardor is a World Renown International Healer and Speaker from Mexico City  Creating shifts with her Extrasensoric Abilites she will transform your entire lineage through Sacred Geometry


Tiffany Silver is a Leading Transformational Coach, Lifestyle Authority, Speaker and Internationally-known Author of the Book “Silver to Gold The Alchemy of the Feminine Heart



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