Grateful to tiffany silver and her beautiful healing powers!!! I feel amazing and grounded here in the heart of Texas with the most amazing man, i have ever loved. Thank you my spiritual sister. You are blessed no doubt with talents that far exceed this material world.

-brooke barlow-nurse

Having been in tiffany’s beautiful presence for a healing session, i was unsure how a phone session would work. It seemed that much of her ability was in her touch and ability to read me by looking at my body. Circumstances only allowed for a phone session though, and it was amazing. Tiffany was just as intuitive over the phone as in person, and i feel that i received the full healing that i was seeking. She has an ability to delve into the root causes of the issues in my life, and set me on a path to allow healing to happen. Since this session, the positive changes in my life have expanded beyond the smaller issues i came to her with. It’s actually been even more noticeable than the impact of the session she did in person.

Much gratitude, Justin Miller


Yesterday was one of the most amazing experiences i will ever have and yes my wife truly appreciates it too!

I want to let you know that not only was the experience fantastic but your communication was amazing and i truly appreciate you putting forth the communication efforts with me to adjust the schedule for us to connect. Your communication dissipated my stress before i got into the room allowing me to be fully engaged in our experience almost immediately.

There are about 6 people i will be immediately recommending you to however, know there will be more and more to come.

We will be doing more work in the future if you want a testimonial please do not hesitate to let me know.

Sending love your way…


Hi Tiff,

Just wanted to capture some thoughts…you are an incredible soul… A rare combination of brilliance and love combined with skills that have taken years to master. And of course i’ve never met anybody so smart! I’ve never met anybody in my life that i felt had so much that i could learn from, and that had such a breadth and depth of intelligence. And that’s just your intelligence. I could go on and on. All i can say is you are the embodiment of pure love and joy, and your energy is divine. 🙂 your intuition and being tuned in is unreal. It’s almost like you’rean angel incarnate, or some type of enlightened being.

Doug Allen – entrepreneur

Tiffany silver gets right to the point and facilitates direct personal/spiritual/psychological insight. She demontstrates with ‘inner healing tools’ that enable anyone who truly wants clearer and better outcomes in their life exactly how to create them – immediately.

Bill Quateman – CEO – Personalized Nutrition Consultants

The light within tiffany silver not only burned through my personal darkness, but ignited the healing process within myself. Her ability to transform one’s life – is only surpassed by her unconditional love. I pray that those who gravitate to this amazing soul, enjoy her beloved presence and express gratitude to creator for providing us with a true spiritual healer

Peace & blessings –

Lisa Bardes – Accountant

After a few hours with tiffany i learned what it really was to live with my heart. She gave me the tools to live a happier deeper life, i feel i have become the man i needed to be instead of the one i always wanted to be. Thank you tiffany!

Fraser Corbett – Stunt Man

Through 5 years of being immersed in personal development, I was absolutely determined to create the best me through hours and days of seminars, books, studying, and constant pushing to reach a point where i would be completely changed and was ready for the best possible life, businesses, and most importantly, relationships.

I did very well and made a lot of progress, however i seemed to keep slipping up, and not doing what i thought i had to do, especially in my relationships. There was a missing piece, and that piece was Tiffany!

When you first meet Tiffany, you will immediately realize and feel that there is something different and very special about her, there is a very loving and caring energy that starts to unfold when she is with you, and a extremely comfortable and safe environment develops.

As soon as we started to work together, i soon discovered that what i needed to do was not something more i had to learn intellectually. It was something i needed to feel, i had to feel and be parts of myself that i had shut off due to one reason or another. I had to feel them, become them, integrate them and own them.

Tiffany’s incredible love, caring, patience and overwhelming awareness guided me to get there. She helped me to discover some very powerful parts of myself, feel them, become them, and most importantly integrate them, and own them, into my one true, genuine and authentic self! Once i did this last 5 years of work started to fit in perfectly around my mind, i felt fully aware, open, and present for the first time ever since. Tiffany showed me that the ‘best me’ is not something i had to learn, it was already in me, and together we discovered it!

And ever since, the amazing tiffany has held me to that me that i found, through accountability to no one else but myself!

I feel privileged and honoured to have her as a guide, teacher, coach and friend!

Alex Papanikolaou – Entrepreneur

Tiffany passionately and powerfully assists others along their path of growth, healing and self awareness. She skillfully uses her training, intuitive abilities and love to facilitate change in the world, one person at a time. I am so happy to know that people like tiffany are on the planet!

Viraja ma, healer & somatic spiritual life coach

Two words that describe tiffany- intuitive and serendipitous

Stephen Tallman -Truck Driver

I refer to tiffany silver as a sprite with wings who flitters and flutters to every flower to see what beauty she might taste, find, or experience. Her curiosity dazzles me, and i love following her around. What she seeks is harmony and deep spiritual union in all things. She continues the search,,,

Tara Sutphen


Tiffany’s intuitive skills pinpoint issues for resolution. After my session (and i’ve had one on one’s with deepak chopra and some of the best regressionists, hypnotists, and heart openers on the planet) tiffany left me with about 3 specific feelings to work on which never occured to me, and these took me to a new level of self exploration, which now i consider a destined gift. If you are lucky enough to have run across her, sign up.

Bret Carr, Director of Revoloution (Movie from 3 Oscar Winners)

As soon as I met tiffany I felt like we had a connection. The healing session with Tiffany was incredible, it was powerful, energizing, calm, relaxed, insightful and cleansing. I felt wonderful after the session. Today I still use the techniques and tips she gave me. She is fun and very insightful and professional.

Much love

Lara Bianco – Reiki Master

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