What’s under the rock?

What's under the rock - by Tiffany Silver.  Photo credit, FlickrEver go exploring as a child and the mystery of what was under the surface intrigued you? You went around picking up rocks looking to see if there was a hidden treasure awaiting you like a bug or a hole.

We often forget to look down and more often we forget to look up. We have a full panoramic view available to us.  Are you looking around noticing what’s in front of you, beside you, above you and below you?  Our sight gives us the focus of our vision to arrive at our destination.

Notice what’s around you by observing the details.  Stop and really smell a rose.  Titillate  your senses with smell, sounds, visuals and touch.  We are kinesthetic beings.  See what noticing your environment makes you feel or remember or dream about.  Noticing what we like draws those experiences toward us.  What we appreciate appreciates!  Expand into that!

Be Christopher Columbus…  Set sail to discover what’s underneath the surface, of your emotion-energy in motion the ocean of emotions run deep, a whole world of wonder awaits you!  When you notice, you discover.  The inquiry, the noticing, the looking, the feeling all moves us in the direction of our desires to be made manifest by evoking a goal toward our destination of desire.

Don’t turn away from discomfort turn toward or into it, this will be the magic glue that binds you to your vision!  The growth is in what appears without judgement,  just noticing circumstances as a stance for self realization.  By being aware this will become self actualization; turning your sh-ts into shifts!  Presence is the gift to unwrapping your dreams. If you run, your his-story will follow..it’s like trying to avoid your shadow on a sunny day it will be with you wherever you go and even in the light there is still the contrast of shades.

Duality is our opportunity for making distinctions toward our preferred reality, it’s all just an experience. You derive the meaning.  Create something new by embracing what’s been and get excited and appreciative for what’s here and what’s coming… You have the power to direct your intellect!  Connect to the heart, drop in and feel what’s real and observe what appears!  You can never go wrong when you accept that all the judgements you have about another is universally themed to get you into reflecting the perfection of every interaction as a gateway to growth and expansion!  Be you to the fullest! Inquire, research, be curios, tune in not out, the answers are inside the heart!

You’re heart will always lead you smoothly with grace and ease to the best place to be in realization of the perfection of your being!  Divine appointments await you!

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